Hi, I’m Victor. (vctr.co)

I started this project as a way to add to my own personal bucket list with a few friends (Mav & Josh.)

A while back, I started finding tourist traps & popular experiences a tat overrated, I come from a pretty conservative family (experience wise) – all we do is take cruises & vacation in neighboring countries growing up.

How I perceive Travel, was just people taking Instagram photos, and there’s that.

There’s no level of enjoyment or excitement to it.┬áJust relaxation and back to work after a couple days/weeks.

But somehow, i stumbled upon r/vandwellers on Reddit, and something in my head connected – how people does this as a lifestyle.

Which got me looking into digital nomads, travel photographers and all the cool location independent things that I’ve missed out on for years.

The goal of this project is to inspire others find what I had missed out on for a big part of my life.

The freedom to experience something truthfully unique to you.