My Easter Island Rendezvous

Location: Easter Island, Chile Purpose: Vacation Experience: Positive

Why did you choose Easter Island?

Being a former tattoo artist, I have worked with Polynesian and Maoi art and culture for the longest time. Hence, when the opportune moment arrived, I made sure that I took it. 

Easter Island is home to the most famous Maoi statues and is situated in the Polynesian Triangle in the Pacific Ocean. I love traveling to islands and exploring their cultures. The fact that Easter Island is located about 3500 km west of the Chilean coast made it even more intriguing.

How was your trip?

It is one of the best trips I have had in a long time. 

Being able to witness the picturesque Maoi statues right in front of my eyes is not something I anticipated. These monolithic statues happen to be the result of the Rapa Nui civilization used to inhabit this beautiful island once upon a time.

It has been my dream to study the Polynesian culture since the day I took up tattooing and witnessing it up close has been an extraordinary experience.

What would you like to recommend first-timers?

There is an array of things that every first timer should try if they are heading to Easter Island. 

If you are heading to Easter Island for the first time, you should most definitely lead to Tongariki to watch the sunrise – it is as beautiful as it gets! Tonagriki features a whopping 15 Maoi status erected proudly beside one another at various intervals that create a shadowy silhouette. 

It would be best if you also went biking around the island. Easter Island is pretty small in diameter and can be covered in a single day, with multiple stops in between!

What kind of food would you recommend to anybody heading to Easter Island?

Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is evident that Easter Island primarily depends on a seafood diet and marine products. If you are heading to Easter Island, then there is an array of dishes you can try, including lobster, shrimp, and the famous rape, which is a smaller kind of lobster, delicacies.

What kind of precaution should one take while heading to Easter Island?

There is an array of bugs and mosquitoes in Easter Island capable enough to spread dangerous diseases that are dangerous to human livelihood. Hence, you must get vaccinated before heading to your destination. 

If you were to revisit Easter Island, what would you try differently?

I have a condition called hydrophobia, which means I am scared of water. The last time I visited the island, I could not bring myself to scuba dive. The next time I visit this island, I will ensure that I get to go for scuba diving with the Underwater Maoi. This is something I have wished to do for the longest time, and I have also been working on my phobia along the months by pursuing regular swimming lessons!

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