Vacation On Jeju Island, South Korea


Jeju Island





Why did you choose Jeju Island?

I have always been wanting to visit korea every since I was young.
Even though Jeju Island is not often talked about as compared to other islands. 

It still homes beautiful volcanic beaches, dozens of breathtaking waterfalls, fantastic sea life, and traditional Korean food.

Recently, Jeju Island has also become a must-visit surfing destination in Asia. 

How was the trip? (Positive/Negative) And why was that?

The trip was very positive for many reasons.

Personally, It’s a life long goal of mine to experience some of the culture here. And I manage to do so, right before the travel bans.

Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but the locals are all amiable and quite helpful. It is easy to get around by taxi, car, or motor scooter and the food and drinks are inexpensive.

Overall, visiting Jeju Island is highly recommended.

Any Recommendations For First-Timers?

Something that all visitors to Jeju should try is the famous black pig meat and local soju. Also, the famous Jeju “Hallbang” orange chocolate is to die for.

Any must-try activities/experiences you’ll recommend?

A must-see destination is the famous Halla mountain, which is South Korea’s highest peak. If you have time, you should also visit the beautiful Hyeopjae beach or try horseback riding. 

Any precautions that one should take? (Cultural/Safety Concerns, Law)

Most tourist spots will speak English, so language is not an issue. One word of warning though: if you plan to rent a scooter, be sure to ask the shop which route is best to take. If you take a wrong turn, you may end up on the highway. The highways on Jeju island are not very scooter friendly. 

If you were to visit the location again, what would you do or try differently this time?

My mindset going there was to fully experience everything, because chances are I wouldn’t come back again. 

I would try to sit back & relax more on the beach. There is so much to see on Jeju island, but the best time was spent on the beach with a cold drink and a local kimbap (Korean rice roll).